​1. What is a True Sensei...."The 4th and 5th Dan Levels can be recognized by their red and white striped belts..."
 2. "The Karate student develops the art of "Complete Relaxation"...and Profound personalities occur...                                              

This is a must have book for any karate student, especially a Goju student!

"This is just like having Sensei setting next to you,
reading you his book, and then telling you his little anecdotes while he reads".            
(James Price, Webmaster)

The  AUDIO BOOK, comes as  a set of 6 seventy minute CD's (complete with Travel Case):

1 set for $35.00 + $3.50 shipping.  12 sets for $25 each set + shipping.
​1Flash Drive for $25.00 + shipping.  12 for 20.00 each Flash Drive + shipping 

  • What makes a Sensei2:52
  • Track-021:10

Click on the player above, to Listen to Maestro read from his book...

No matter how many times you have read this book, you have not truly experienced this masterpiece 
until you have listened to it read to you by the "Master Story teller" himself.

Maestro's Final book - The DOJO 2  is an AUDIO BOOK, 

and is available in a 6 CD set.

The original  Karate Dojo read by the author  himself. 
 Maestro Peter Urban brings his original Karate Dojo to life, as he reads from those pages,
and interjects additional commentary "In the Here and Now!'
about those Karate life and times as they were over 40 years ago, when "That was Then!"

 Sensei Gascoyne,
 Phone him at: 508-846-8182