NEWweb master for U.S.A. Goju Karate website . Read the  letter to Fight Schools Network

Timeline:  Tuesday 14  February, 2017 - 11:40 hrs.  79 degrees F.

Dear brothers and sisters of Maestro's beloved USA Goju Karate-do and Fight Schools Network,

 I'll be 73 in May, and although I'm actively teaching defensive tactics and firearm safety, I no longer have a dojo or any USA Goju students. To be truly effective and responsive in today's active world, Maestro's website should be managed by an engaged, Karataka who maintains an active dojo.

Therefore, after 19 years of being Maestro's webmaster, it is now time to return the management of his website back to the original Urban Goju webmaster, Hanshi Dayton Guinee. 
This excerpt from Maestro's September 26th newsletter clearly identifies Hanshi Guinee as Maestro's webmaster:
                                                                 The Fanshua Monastery
                                                  Timeline: Thursday 26 September, 1996
                                                                    12:59 hrs. 70 degrees F.
"I, the teacher, give these internet pages to my very long time, loyal and sincere student: 
Dayton Guinee  founder of "American Heritage Goju", whose sacred obligation to me and all my students of past times and the here and now and In time to come is: to not alter, change or interpret a single word of my message. Dayton Guinee’s Internet Dojo address and/or Fax contact information will be cited by him and maintained by him alone.    {All access information to follow in the near future}"

As you can see from the excerpt of the September 1996 newsletter, Maestro was already realizing the power of the internet. It was vital to him that he had a dominant internet presence, and Maestro assigned his trusted student, Hanshi Guinee, the arduous task of building and web mastering that website. Hanshi Guinee gave it as much as he could, but at that time in his life, he was figuratively "up to this ass in alligators" with private life and his work, and was unable to continue managing the website in the timely manner that Maestro demanded.

                                  "Anyone with the money-power to do so, may put and or say  
                                   anything they want to on the internet with no consequences.
                                                Hear me world, when it comes to the internet,  
                                       go to the horse’s mouth and not the horse’s posterior 
                                     if you want accuracy and not manipulative interpretation 
                                              from practiced masters of dubious deniability."
                                         The horse’s mouth = USA Goju according to Urban


Since I had some experience with computers, and was interested in working on the internet, I volunteered to create the "Fight Schools Network" website, and get him actively on the web. 
Realizing that his webmaster could be the target of negativity, he brilliantly made sure that I was protected by proclaiming the "Untouchable" status in his July 2003 "URBAN SPEAKS" NEWSLETTER:



I am proud that within a few weeks, Hanshi Guinee will be taking the helm of Maestro's website once more. I cannot think of anyone more qualified to continue with this important task. As many of you are aware, Hanshi Guinee was very close to Maestro, and he will do an excellent job of makings Maestro Peter Urban's Fight Schools Network an integral component of Karate on the internet.

Sincere regards,
"Ol' Reliable" James Price, Hanshi
for a little while longer... Webmaster to Maestro Urban's Fight Schools Network