What is simulation?  It is the artful-science of profiting from experience in advance.  That is the purpose of kata and sparring.  Practice is profiting from experience in advance.

What is the best thing to do when one is in 100% doubt about a problem?  Take a deep breath and do nothing and Do, is the answer to that one.  What about partial doubt?  In that case, take a deep breath and do everything your way anyway.

How does one know if one knows anything?  While it is true that one need not be a chicken in order to make an omelet, it is accurate to remember that one cannot know about oneself if one has never been in a real fight wherein death is an absolute probability and/or possibility.

Don't just learn your katas. Why?  One can quite easily forget what one has merely learned.  Memorize your katas!   Why? One doesn't really know anything until it is memorized.  For Example: Tying ones shoe laces by oneself is the first kata we learn as children. Do you see the point dear readers?

What is confidence?  "Being prepared" is the answer to that one.  Why? Being properly prepared is totally Pre-armed.  That is why a good martial artist would take a gun to a sword fight.  Never forget that little tid-bit.

What is fear?  An intelligent concern for the unknown.  If death is not an option, then whatever the situation is merely a contest or a game.  Whenever blood and/or money become an issue in an altercation, the complexion of things are always serious.  That is why a real martial-artist never ever threatens any person, place, or thing!  They just do what they have to do and move on.  Being in the right is the essence of Might!

What is the Golden Rule of life and one's vehicle on the roads of reality with others?  Always avoid a collision is the answer to that one.  Everything else is sophistication to the original premise.

What is the difference between a teacher and an instructor?  An instructor indoctrinates.  A teacher causes one to discover new knowledge on a daily basis even between lesson-sessions.

Peter Urban's Wisdom

All Photos photographed and provided by (c) 1979 Dayton Guinee    all rights reserved

What is the best conflict-resolution technique?  A perfect knock-out in one sudden and mighty blow, is the answer to that one.  If one has to think about it, it is too late.  Always remember: "Take long means Think wrong" in such matters.

How does one know if one is really good or courageous as a fighter?  One never knows that in advance, even if the world says so.  One can only know if one is "effective" or not all the time. The Karate word "Mushin"="Fearless efficacy" best describes that point of advanced self-development in all things competitive.