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Maestro Urban's Minister of Gojulandia North at Massachusetts, Appointment established by the late Hanshi Walter Parks, upon his passing.

Phone: 508-846-8182


Urban Gojudo
The Karate style known around the globe as U.S.A. Goju was brought to this country by Grand Master Peter G. Urban.
I began my studies of  U.S.A. Goju in 1996 with Sensei Mark Hancock. After two years studying with Sensei Hancock, I began studying with Hanshi Walter Parks, who introduced me to Grand Master Peter Urban at the annual all Goju tournament in NY city. This was when Sensei Urban began tutoring me personally in the ways of Urban Gojudo. This was the point in my life that I realized the calling that I was searching for. Since that point in time, I have embraced the style, and the teachers. and have never looked back or questioned what I was taught to do.
My calling is to teach anyone with real interests in learning the ways of self preservation, self defense techniques, Discipline of mind and body, and the ability to take these lessons learned in the dojo, and walk through life with confidence. 

Plymouth, MA

White Horse Martial Arts Center
867 State Road
Plymouth, Mass.02360

Black Belt instructors:
Garry Gascoyne, Shihan 7th Dan - Head of School
John Gascoyne, Nidan
Jeff Chen, Shodan
Drake Chen, Shodan
Tim Tufts, Shodan
Chris Anderson, Shodan


2017  World Head of Family Sokeship Council Awards! 

Name: Shihan Garry Gascoyne, 7°

Born:1958 Plymouth, MA.
Military: U.S.A.F Security Specialist -Veteran
Weapons Training: Baton / Bo Staff / Walking cane / Blades
Martial Arts: USAF Boxing 1976-1980 (military)
-Uechi Ryu-Matson Academy: 1986-1988 - Sensei Bob Bethoney
-Dragon Horse Goju: 1994-1996 - Sensei Mark Hancock 6°
-Urban Goju: 1997 – Present - Sensei Walter Parks 10° (Hanshi)
-Sensei, Mentor and Friend: Dr. Peter G. Urban Grand Patriarch of
-All U.S.A. Goju System 1997-Till we meet again OSS!!
Dojo: White Horse Urban Gojudo Founded the year 2000
-Instructors: Sensei Garry Gascoyne Goju Hall 309 Head of School
-Sensei Walter Parks Head of Massachusetts Iron Brigade and  Goju Hall 278 New England.
-Awards:1988 Nominated to the Carnegie Hall of Heroes in Philadelphia for an act of heroism
-2000 Awarded “E” Flag for outstanding service to the style of Urban Goju.
-2003 Urban Cup recipient given for most contribution to the Urban Legacy in preserving what is now known as Urban Gojudo
-2004  Nominated and Awarded Renshi of the year by the Cosmopolitan Hall of Fame.
-2005 Nominated and Awarded Bronze Lifetime Achievement in the Martial Arts
-2006 Nominated and Awarded Silver Lifetime Achievement for continuing the Legacy of Urban Gojudo