"Urban Speaks"
A Sample of Maestro Peter Urban's Official Newsletter
to his "Network Loyalists" 

Peter Urban's Newsletters

The Richard Kim Obituary
Friday 1 Nov. 2001 

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​​​​Maestro's USA Goju "Last Will and Testament":
"Who will take my place when I am Gone?"
The "URBAN SPEAKS" Newsletter,"   Tuesday 1, July 2003

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Maestro was ALWAYS punctual, and he insisted that his "Network Loyalists"

(and selected friends) receive his personalized newsletter on time.

He would type his letters on an electric word processor. He would add his photographs and any other special image using his copy machine. Then Maestro would hire a cab to take him to the print store to have the four page newsletter collated and "printed",  and make sure that the pages were stapled in the top left corner. 

Maestro would return home by cab, and then pay for a round trip cab ride one more time to pick up the printed newsletters. Every month (with very, very few exceptions) he would hand address each envelope (see an example below), fold his beloved piece of art, and then he would write a private special piece of correspondence to that individual on a separate piece of paper that was included with the mailing.

If you have ever sent out a few Christmas (or holiday) cards, you will appreciate the enormous effort that Maestro preformed month after month, and year after year, and very often, when he physically did not feel like doing anything at all.

He did it this way because he believed that his personal contact with his "Network" was of utmost importance. Maestro Urban used a preprinted return address label, but he ALWAYS addressed the envelopes by hand to show that his envelope (and most importantly, it's content) was "special", and that he wanted his recipient to know that he cared enough to take the time to do this for them.
~ ~ ~