Photo's courtesy of John Hooker, Hanshi

Here is an example of Maestro working below his "Colors" at the April 1998 Al Gotay event. Pictured in the photo on the right is Maestro posing with his  webmaster (Hanshi Price), along with one of  Hanshi Price's blackbelts .

Maestro's Goju Lion Uniform patches

Maestro's "Tuxedo Dress" towels
Oh yes!, You could see (and feel) the fear and trembling among the other competitors When Maestro Urban and his troops arrived and entered the competition area in unison, all dressed in black, and wearing their white towels tucked inside their gi, It was a well known fact that "Maestro's troops" preformed as wickedly powerful as they looked.

Maestro's "Colors"
Sensei would fly his colors at major events where he would be in attendance, In most recent years, his banners flew over his reserved desk at the annual Al Gotay Urban Invitational in Manhattan, NYC, Where he made himself available to sign autographs, and pose for photographs with members of his Goju Nation.

Maestro Urban poses with museum curator John Hooker,
when Hanshi Hooker had the Urban museum in his home in New Jersey 

Maestro Urban's ashes in a position of honor in his museum...."Dayton [Guinee] will get my ashes from the V.A. hosp, system and mail them to John Hooker to be at the top center of his dojos shrine, so that I may always (in spirit) be in a URBAN GOJUDO environment.
I know that Dayton and Hooker will do that for me."
Peter Urban

This very old and historical sign is compliments of Shihan Ed Verycken, and has been carefully framed at his request. This original and Classic USA Goju Headquarters sign now hangs proudly over The Maestro as he rests. 

Peter Urban Museum

(L) The main Dojo Shrine wall, where the Maestro’s Red Belt hangs. Students and visitors bow in and out to this shrine of original and rare photos. (R) The Original Master’s Degree Diploma’s from Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi and O’ Sensei Richard Kim.

(L) A niche below some ceremonial swords lies The Maestro at Rest.
(R) The Memorial GOJU Candle which burns just twice a year. The day of his birth and the day he left us.

Maestro Urban displays his famous fist tattoo's.
He took nothing for chance. If he were to become unconscious and needing emergency assistance,
He wanted there to be no doubt about his identity! The writing on his left arm beneath the fist displays his complete name, date of birth, social security number, and his blood type. The writing on his Right arm beneath the fist announces his religion=Karate Zen Buddhist, [that is one of the reasons why he capitalized the word Karate], His Nationality= Greek American, and Occupation= Sensei!