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Maestro's Final book - The DOJO 2 is an AUDIO book! CD or Flash Drive.

This is just like having Sensei setting next to you, reading you his book, and then inserting  his little anecdotes while he reads it  aloud to you.   

The re-designed  Urban Goju International  Website  replaced the old Frontpage format  on October 12, 2016. 
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 This Urban Goju International Hombu website was created by webmaster James Price in 1998
By the request of Grand Master Peter G. Urban. On February 20, 2017 the management of this website was
returned to the original designated webmaster, Dayton Guinee, Hanshi.

This Website is $upported by the voluntary contributions of its members.


Maestro's website is $upported by the voluntary contributions of his most LOYAL members.

  U.S.A. Goju Karate

   The Fanshua Monastery  -  Timeline: Thursday 26 September, 1996 
"I, the teacher, give these internet pages to my very long time, loyal and sincere student: 
Dayton Guinee  founder of "American Heritage Goju", whose sacred obligation to me and all my students of past times and

the here and now and In time to come is: to not alter, change or interpret a single word of my message. Dayton Guinee’s Internet

Dojo address and/or Fax contact information will be cited by him and maintained by him alone.     Peter G. Urban

Urban's USA Goju​   "Fight Schools Network" 

Book Available

August 14, 1934 - April 7, 2004
In Memory of O' Sensei Peter G. Urban,
Father of American Goju Ryu Karate

Circa 1983 (c) Dayton Guinee All rights reserved

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Sensie Urban, adviser to  and along side of GM Sanchez also long time supporter of Sensei Urban and our organization.

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