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International  Hombu Website

International  Hombu Website

                               To:All Urban Goju and their cognates aka U.S.A.Goju organizations and affiliates
Let It be known that Grand Master Peter G. Urban’s last will and testament clearly states that Nemo *Meaning* (NO ONE) will be named as Head of all Goju systems as his replacement, because there can be no replacement. He has placed his finest students in the position to govern their own selves, schools and organizations. What he has done is given Instruction for all the appointed leaders of the Goju regions to form a congress to address cohesiveness in ensuring that his mandatory 10 kata be taught specifically as he instructed leaving all other forms and techniques to be determined by heads of Individual schools. If any question remains in doubt as to what parameters that a U.S.A.Goju school is permitted, Grand Master Sekwii Sha is the appointed ombudsman to the system and all concerns should be brought to his attention and his decision is final. To Sensei Sha's credentials, he was the first African American In the country to be awarded Black Belter and Sensei by Master Urban and has been a devoted disciple and friend  through out there lives since their Introduction to one another at the age of 24, and that was in the early 60s.
Grand Master Sekwii Sha, 10th Dan
Founder of ShaNanDo Goju Ryu

Timeline:  Wednesday 19 October, 2016 - 18:45 hrs.  81 degrees F.

"URBAN SPEAKS" (newsletter) TIMELINE= Tuesday 1 July 2003 ..."Our living Webmaster, Sensei James Price "Ol'Reliable" of Gojulandia South
has a lifetime tenure and appointment by me. In short he will always be what I call "An Untouchable"
when it comes to the internet and URBAN GOJUDO website." Peter G. Urban, Ph.D.

​Urban's USA Goju
​"Fight Schools Network" 

Grand Master Peter G. Urban's

Why Fund Maestro Urban's Website to keep it on the internet?

 "Anyone with the money-power to do so may put and or say

anything they want to on the internet with no consequences. 

Hear me world, when it comes to the internet, go to the horse’s

mouth and not the horse’s posterior if you want accuracy and not

manipulative interpretation from practiced masters of dubious deniability."
The horse’s mouth = USA Goju according to Urban

August 14, 1934 - April 7, 2004
In Memory of O' Sensei Peter G. Urban,
Father of American Goju Ryu Karate

Maestro's Final book - The DOJO 2 is an AUDIO book

This is just like having Sensei setting next to you, reading you his book, and then inserting  his little anecdotes while he reads it  aloud to you.   

"Strength comes from health, speed comes from effort, technique comes from experience, will power comes from faith, serenity comes from old knowledge, progress comes from new knowledge - today is now!"  -  Peter Urban

The Urban Goju International  Website.  On the Internet Since March, 1998.
The re-designed  Urban Goju International  Website  replaced the old Frontpage format  on October 12, 2016. 
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 This Urban Goju International Hombu Website was created by webmaster James Price in 1998
By the request of Grand Master Peter G. Urban,
And is $upported by the voluntary contributions of its members.


Maestro's website is $upported by the voluntary contributions of his most LOYAL members.