2018 March 14
From "Today Is Now"
Sensei Urban's writings

Keep in mind that some of Sensei Urban's reality and facts may not hold true in todays Martial Arts Training but did hold
true for his era and mine as well to a great extent.
In one of the dojo oaths, it said,
"We will follow Our God and Buddha and never forget the True Virtue of Humility"
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2018, March 30

From Sensei Gascoyne​

Goju gathering
This is a message to ALL U.S.A Goju practitioners: I am taking a poll to see who would be interested in a all USA goju urban loyalists gathering in Union city nj (date to be determined possibly 3rd saturday in august) This will not be a karate tournament but rather a tailgating cookout perhaps a softball game between regions a meet and greet as it where. A step in moving to unity, within the USA goju family. I have arrainged a gathering place with the help of union city's mayor Stack. Please Personal Message me if you and your school members would like to participate. I have also bargained for group discounts on hotel accommodations in town.

Thank you OSS

Sensei Garry Gascoyne

2018 April, 7

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2018, March 23

From "Today Is Now"

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