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Grandmaster Earl Woodbury's  

1275 Edward L. Grant Highway
Bronx, New York 10452


Father, & I a “SON” who live to honor and make them and all my other teachers  proud in life.
Knowledge in:          Japanese, Okinawan, & USA Karate, Ninjitsu, Kobudo, Chi development, Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu, Tamashiwari, Meditation.

Accomplishments:    Founded, “The Earl Woodbury Martial Arts Dojo”, Palmas Del Mar in Humacao, Puerto Rico in 1975-1995. I traveled back and forth to Puerto Rico to teach  and spread USA GOJU to the Puerto Rican community. The school lasted 20 years .

Appeared on television on Channel 31 (3 times), Channel 47 (2 times) in N.Y. and on W.A.L.O. (3 times in San Juan P.R.) on SUPER SABADOS. Received an Resolution from the Puerto Rican Government for my dedication to the Martial Arts and for teaching the martial arts to the Puerto Rican community and providing a positive program. 

Provided security for Mr. Peg Leg Bates, New Edition. Also Mr. James Brown at the Apollo Theater.

Appeared on Wesley Snipes production of, “The Martial Art Masters” a production aired on TNT cable network in 1998. Still an active competitor in N.Y. and out of state tournaments over 1000 trophies & awards.

Taught at: Bronx YMCA Center Bronx, N.Y. …  1987-1989
Mott Haven Community Center Bronx. N.Y. ......1990-1994
 Betances Community Center Bronx. N.Y.  .. ...... 1995-Present
 Melrose Community Center Bronx, N.Y.   …. . . 1997-1999
  ST. Anthony’s Church       Bronx, N.Y.     ……… 1999-2005

Have taught Police Officers, Teachers, Medical employees, Kids (4 years old and up), adults, all races, handicap, loss of hearing individuals, and many more.

Hall of Fame: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Musician (keyboards, trumpet, bass guitar, acoustic, drums, brass instruments, percussion, drum machines, read & write music)

Grandmaster Earl Woodbury's


1969 - Present         Grandmaster Khemfoia T. Padu 10th Deg. USA Goju Karate & Pan African Goju. This was my very first teacher.
1972 – 1980             Grandmaster Florendo Visitaction 10th Deg. & founder of Vee Jitsu ryu Jujitsu. This was my 2nd teacher.
1972 – Present        Grandmaster Sekwii T. Sha 10th Deg. USA Goju & founder of Shanando system. My 3rd teacher.
1975 -1978             Sifu Chen Chang taught Tiger/Eagle /Snake Kung Fu & Chinese Weapons.
1979 – 1984             Sensei Oishi taught Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. Shinai (bamboo), Boken (wood), & Samurai Sword (steel).
1974 – 2004             O’Sensei Peter Urban the founder of USA Goju Karate. The one responsible  for bringing this art to the United States. I trained with O’Sensei when I was a purple belt down at Chinatown dojo thru an invitation from Sensei Padu. I then trained with O’Sensei Urban one on one at his home in Queens, N.Y. Each class was 6 or more hours of GO/JU training. Sometimes more GO than JU. Then he would put it all together and I realized the essence of the complete GOJU.  I had the honor of training with “The Father” of all U.S.A. Goju systems. I still received training up until 2004 when he passed. He was my Grandfather, Padu my 

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