1980 - Present: Tournament referee for New York area events: 
Chief referee at the “Empire State Championships”  1985 - 1992
Chief Ring Coordinator at the “Garden States Games” 1988 - 2005 Chief Referee at the “Urban Cup Invitational” 
​1985 - Others include:  Playboy Invitational 1981;  Ying Yee 1984 - 1986;  Big Apple Challenge 1984 - 1986; War of the Warriors 1985; I.A.M.A. Nationals 25th year anniversary 1989 1st All Goju Ryu Invitational 25 years of karte at John Jay College 1990
1982  Directed weekly class’es at the Ronkonkama, Long Island firehouse.
1985  presented “Johnny Kuhl Combat Karate” to the Kenbukan Goju-Ryu dojo in Plano, Texas.
1988  Gave a seminar with Florida’s Grand Master Bill Liquori of USA Goju Karate” in Texas.
1991  Opened and conducted class’es at “Dojo North” in the Bronx, New York.  
1991  Performed a demo of  “Johnny Kuhl Combat Karate” in London, England
          Frequently performed demonstrations throughout the New York area with GM Johnny Kuhl.  
          Refereed tournaments, extensively over the years, along side of Grand Master Kuhl. 
1980 / 1982 appeared in “Warriors Magazine” 
1982  Cover shot on “Warriors”
1986  Cover shot on “Official Karate’s” annual edition
1983 / 1985  “Who’s Who in Karate”
1987  “Who’a Who in American Martial Arts”                      
1988 & 1989 Appeared in “American Karate”
2006  Appeared in "New York Sportscene" magazine, "The Combat Karate King" article        
2013  Among GM in the "WHFSC Compendium of Grand Masters" 

Hall of Fame:
1995  World Head of Family Sokeship Council
1997  Garden State Games
2003 - 2008  World Head of Family Sokeship Council
2005  Gold Coast,  Florida  
2006  Samurai Award Yoshitsune Dojo
2007 - 2010  World Martial Arts League  
During a ceremonial class, years before his demise, Soke Johnny Kuhl presented his red belt to Grand Master Viggiano. This was done in case of his death, to allow for an uncontested transfer of his “Combat Karate” system. Immediately, Peter Urban, Patriarch of USA Goju Karate, and The World Head of Family Soke Council recognized Viggiano as Hanshi of  “Combat Karate”. Hanshi Viggiano donned that obi and proudly continues in the tradition of his Sensei.


Ralph Viggiano, Hanshi
Trained and taught under Grand Master Johnny Kuhl in New York City for 30 years.
1978-1985 Competition years:
 “All American Open” at Madison Square Garden, “Ying Yee Urban Cup Invitational”,
“ Empire State Championships” 

Michaeal Nickodem

Ralph Viggiano's
      GOJU HALL NO. 227

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         "Changing of the Guard"

The Time Line! Let it be known!

         "Changing of the Guard"

Hanshi Viggiano trained and worked with Grandmaster Johnny Kuhl for 30 years,
developing in the Martial Arts Community as a friend to all systems,
an unbiased referee, and a tenacious teacher.
Today he carries on in the tradition of his good friend and Sensei, Johnny Kuhl.

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Hanshi Michael Nickodem

Hanshi Ralph ​Viggiano