Chuck Joyner's   
Urban Goju Hall No. 047-01


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Chuck Joyner has been a student of Hanshi Teller since 1979 and in 2015 was awarded the rank of 6th Dan by Hanshi Teller.

 Kyoshi Joyner began his formal martial arts training in 1977, studying kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. 
He began training under Hanshi Teller at the University of West Florida (UWF) and received his Shodan in 1980. 
Upon moving to Gainesville, Hanshi Teller appointed Kyoshi Joyner as the Chief 

Kyoshi Joyner holds the following ranks:

6th Dan - USA Goju Karate (2015)

5th Dan - USA Goju Karate (2009)

10th Dan – Bujinkan Ninpo (2009)

1st Dan – Hapkido (2000)

1st Dan – Mudo (2002)    

1979 – Present     USA Goju

2003 – Present    Ninjitsu

2002 – 2004       Mudo

1999 – 2002      Hapkido

1984 – 1987      Ju-jitsu

1976 – 1978      Tae Kwon Do

1977 – 1978, 1984 – 1986      Kickboxing (Jimmy Rodriguez, Dan Magnus)

Instructor to continue USA Goju Karate at UWF. 
Kyoshi Joyner continued to teach USA Goju at UWF until 1983, when he left Florida to accept employment with the CIA.

While residing in Virginia, Kyoshi Joyner continued his martial arts training; studying jiu-jitsu and kickboxing with a former world champion. 

In 1987, Kyoshi Joyner became a Special Agent with the FBI and was transferred to Los Angeles. 
He became certified by the FBI as a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor,
Tactical Instructor, Chemical Agents Instructor, General Police Instructor, and Master Police Instructor. 
He served on the SWAT team as an entry team member and sniper, and later as the SWAT Commander. 
Kyoshi Joyner served as the FBI Los Angeles Principal Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Tactical Instructor. 
In this capacity, he provided training to thousands of FBI agents, law enforcement officers, and military personnel.

While in Los Angeles, Kyoshi Joyner continued his martial arts training by studying kickboxing, boxing,
Hapkido, and Mudo.  He continues to study Ninpo (Ninjutsu). 

Huston, TX