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Kyoshi Martin M. Rodriguez

Hanshi Benjamin Hernandez, 10th Dan

In 1964/1965 my training partner had gone to Honda Martial Arts equipment in NYC (when they were in the basement) to purchase our gi’s. When he returned. he showed me what he had purchased along with some photos. One of those photos was of this Karate Sensei, Peter Urban. He was in a stance (from Sesan kata). All dressed in Black, and those incredibly huge knuckles it was just an awe-inspiring sight. 

Lindenhurst, New York

 Benjamin Hernandez's 
 American Warrior
Martial Arts

Hanshi Hernandez

Martial Arts Biography
1967 - Started training in Martial Arts under Sensei Ben Hernandez
1967 – High School Wrestling Team
1972 – Achieved rank of Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do,
1975 - Introduced to Grand Master Peter Urban by Sensei Ben Hernandez
1978 – Received 1st Dan (Shodan) from Sensei Hernandez
1979-82 - Moved to California & studied Kenpo Karate.
Received 1st Dan in Kenpo Karate under Sensei Ed Parker & Sensei Frank Arglander,
and also acted in movie (as a Villain) with Actor Woody Strode
1986 - Resumed training in NY Sensei Hernandez and Grand Master Urban
1993 - Received 3rd Dan from Sensei Hernandez and Grand Master Urban
1998 – Received 4th Dan from GM Urban & Sensei Hernandez
2002 – Received 5th Dan from GM Urban & Sensei Hernandez
2006 – Received 6th Dan from Sensei Hernandez 

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I took that photo and it went on my wall and I remember saying “WOW” he is powerful and one day I will train with him. Later on my father took us to a Karate tournament at the Manhattan Center in NYC, Sensei Gary Alexander’s. Sensei Peter Urban’s Drill team were performing, everyone dressed in black gi’s, Sensei hitting this drum and every student performed to perfection not missing a beat as they performed their katas. Then to end it all Sensei runs across the stage throwing broad into the air one at a time and smashing them with his right hand then his left, he then had his students throw the boards into the air and he smashed them as well. He called it “Skeet shooting”, that was just incredible to watch.  I knew that someday I would train with him but at that time he was teaching in New Jersey. The tournament was won by Louis Delgado who beat Thomas La Puppet. The photo that inspired me appears on Maestro’s “Bionic self-defense video. And my dream to train with Maestro came to be. OSS!


1948-49 Started Boxing with my father from day one (he was a boxer, Benny [tiger] Hernandez, decease)
1963/64 Ketsugo Jujitsu Williamsburg YMCA
Shotokan karate-Flatbush boys club
1965/66? Kyokushinkai Karate at Bklyn Academy
Sikaran/weapons 5th Ave Court House
1972?-2004 USA Goju-Great Grand Master Peter Urban
1975-79 Asst Chief Instructor Tetsuko Sun Ray Karate Fed. Chief Instructor Shihan James M. Santiago 7th Dan (Decease)
1985-Awarded Goju Hall#319 ="Dojo of the Tiger's Fists"
Late 1980-1990 owned commercial school Tiger's fist Dojo Goju Hall #319 with Master Carlos Duprey USA Goju 5th Dan
2000-Present  Head instructor, American Warrior Martial Arts
2001 Hall of fame-Life dedication to Martial Arts,
2001-2002 Taught at Bally's as Personal Trainer
2002/03 Ambassador to Martial Arts Award
2003- Maestro Urban recognizes Benjamin J. Hernandez of N. Y., as 10th Dan of his own dojo, style & organization